Sunday, February 23, 2014

Stinky Dancer Soap

So I had came across this small soap company so I bought a bar and as soon as I used it I was HOOKED! After using it for 2 days I had to place a second order (even my husband likes this soap). Your skin doesn't feel all stiff and dry after using these bars unlike many store bought ones. I have tried a few homemade soaps but these are by far my favorite...So I wanted to share this with you guys! This is what my order consisted of

Electric Watermelon- Not only does this soap smell awesome it is also cute. 
It even has little poppy seeds to look like watermelon seeds. This soap smells just like watermelon hard candy...YUM!

Amber Romance- This is a dupe of a popular VS scent and smells exactly as it should. It's a light sensual smell. This one I have to keep away from my sister in law lol :)

Brown Sugar & Fig- This one smells awesome its ever so slightly sweet and creamy. I don't much smell the brown sugar but it's pleasant regardless.

Laveder Martini-  I had no idea what this would smell like and even smelling it it's hard to explain. It's almost a clean scent (but not) with a citrus undertone. It is a unique scent but it a good way!!!

Sweet Innocence- Yet another one that is pretty to look at (they all are just the two stood out most)
 This one smells just like a baby smells so clean and powdery. It makes me remember my boys being little babies and makes me smile :)

French Lavender- Straight Lavender scent...floral and clean!!!

Bedtime Bath- If you have kids you know what the bedtime bath scent is. Another one that reminds me of when my kids where little babies but this one is my favorite of the bunch. It is such a amazing smell of  lavender and powder. 

If you have yet  to try handmade  soaps I highly recommend it. I am in love with this company :)
You can find her facebook page here as well as her Etsy shop here. If you happen to fan her page or make a purchase make sure to let her know Binky sent you! <3

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