Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Southbound Soap Company (Wax)

A friend had shared a giveaway that this company and after checking out their store I just HAD to try them. I love a surprise (and I like to try new scents which when I choose I never branch out) so I let the owner pick everything and she didn't disappoint! Everything smells wonderful  and it's cute as well :)
This is what I got ...

Right off the bat the packaging had me because I just thought it was adorable.

First think I went for in this batch was a chunky wax melt in Fruit Limeade this thing smells awesome!!!
It smells just like if you took red Hawaiian Punch and Sprite and mixed it together.  It's very sweet and fruity and reminds me of summer time. It is also very colorful which is cute (photo below).

Pink Serendipity Lemon Cake - As most of you know by now whenever I see cake (or any bakery type scent) I get scared. I really am not a huge fan of them in general but this one isn't bad at all. I think the Pink Sugar and Serendipity mellow out the cake smell. My 3 year old (who loves to smell all my wax when it comes in) say it smelled like "yummy yummy cake" and he wasn't lying!!!

Green Clover & Aloe- This is one of them scents that if I seen it I wouldn't choose it for myself but I love it! Its a clean slightly earthy smell. My husband "approves" this one lol :)

Hawaiian Paradise- The name suits this scent to a T...This is a very tropically type scent! It's floral yet sweet with a citrus undertone. I literally dumped out what I had in my warmer to pop one of these bad boys in ( i got a 6 pack). It wasn't super strong but I was still able to smell it in 2 rooms( open floor plan kitchen and living room)  plus halfway up my stairs.

Black Raspberry Vanilla-  Raspberry and me don't get along ( I think because its so so strong most of the time) and tends me make me nauseous but this one doesn't. I was actually surprised at how much I actually ended up liking this one. It  reminds me a little of them blue raspberry blow pops but not as sweet.  It smells amazing and it's pretty (picture below).

Easter Bunny Burps- This one smells like spring flowers with a little something extra to it. If you like floral scents you'd love this one!

Southern Sunshine- I think this smells like mango and some sort of citrus. If the bunch this would be my least favorite. It smells good but weird (of that makes sense) like something just seems off about it. I will still melt it though and see how it is on warm!

 It's always kinda scary when you try a new vendor (I've had bad luck with some) but overall I am very happy with this stuff. I would definitely buy from this company again and I look forward to trying some of their bath and body products ( her shop offers soap,sugar scrub, Solid lotion bars & lip balm) when my budget allows me too! You can find their Facebook page here as well as their Etsy shop here ...And as always if you decide to fan their page or place and order make sure to let them know Binky send you :)