Saturday, December 14, 2013


This is my second time getting from this vendor(and it won't be the last) and I LOVE her stuff!!! I have been venturing away form my go to scents to try new things and I literally like everything in this order...which for me when I am out of my "comfort zone" is astonishing. Her shots are so full that the lids won't even stay on so I have to bust out the tape lol. My order consisted of following ;

Body/room Spray in Fruit Loops- Which is true to its name ...Just like the cereal fruity and yummy! Though I wouldn't wear this on myself I shall use it on my bed so have sweet cereal dreams lol :)

All natural lip balm- I am not sure on the scent of this because I told her to surprise me but whatever it is it smells sweet and fruity. Goes on smooth and isn't at all gummy (which sometimes happens or at least in my opinion) Only thing is I wish it was in a tub instead of the little jar.

Coconut Lime Verbena- Sometimes when I get this scent It is to limey but this one isn't! This one isn't super strong it's very fresh and mellow.

Pistachio Pudding Cake-I have never had this scent before and now I am sad that I haven't tried it sooner. This one is AMAZING sweet creamy delicious goodness.I MUST GET MORE!!!

Blueberry Pancakes- Almost edible this is sooo good!!! It smells like baking blueberry muffins/cake. I've had her normal blueberry before and loved it but was scared of this because I was worried the pancakes was gonna be to bakery (which by now y'all know I don't like) but this is perfect.

Oatmeal Milk & honey- Milk and Honey is probably one of my all time favorite scents ...But sadly most of the time it has a funky cherryish scent to it that is all I smell. With this one that isn't the case at all ( you can smell that scent but it's very faint)  it reminds me of a clean lotion smell.It could be a little more sweet though.

Hot Pink & Lime-This to me smells like pink lemonade with some lime slices thrown in. Very Citrus and sweet.

Cotton Candy & Banana- This one is sweet sugary goodness! Her banana runt (smells JUST like the candy) it awesome on it's own but mixed with the cotton candy its even better!!! I feel the need to mix this with some with blueberry pancakes.

Country Bumpkin-This to me smells like Christmas...It is cinnamon and spice and slightly sweet. I catch a very faint hint of apples and something else sweet that I can quite put my finger on.( I don't look at scent descriptions so that I am totally unbiased on my reviews)

Apple Butter Caramel- At first sniff this almost smells like coffee to me...But as I smell it more I get hints of the apples , nutmeg (perhaps) and sweetness. Another new to me smell that I was scared of (caramel smells like burnt to me) but I love this one!

Pineapple Strawberry Supreme-I don't catch much strawberry just a  juicy sweet semi tart pineapple.YUM!

Country Gift Shop- This one to me smells exactly like those cinnamon brooms you can get around this time of year. I am not the biggest cinnamon fan but this one isn't so strong as to agitate my nose. Maybe if she is lucky this one will go to my Mama because she LOVES cinnamon scents.

Sweet Tarts- The name says it all. It smells like opening up a package of sweet tarts. My 3 year old kept asking if he could "eat the candy" and that is smelled "good".

Apples & Oat- This one is odd but not in a bad way its just different. It smells like fresh sliced apples but with an odd undertone ...Which I am sure is the oat. This will more than likely be the first one I melt because It intrigues me. 

You can find her Facebook group Here and her Etsy shop Here. She has so many awesome scents it's definitely worth checking out. If you so happen as to order or join her group make sure to let her know Binky sent you :) 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I was was so excited for this order to come in because it is a new vendor to me ( which is always fun) and came highly recommended by a someone whom I very must trust in the wax world. This is a little company called Sapeterapi based out of NC that specializes in all natural bath and body products as well as wax , incents and more!  This was my first order...

It consisted of  scents in the following ;
 Spirulina- Which I am unsure what this scent actually is ( it was a freebie) but I didn't much care of it but others in my house did,

Snickers Coffee Blend- This one to me didn't have as much of a coffee scent as I was hopping for but it's still pretty pleasant.

Jambleberry thumbprint cookies- At first scent it smells very berry with a mild bakey undertone... Which works for me because I am not a huge bakery scent fan and it made me really want to bake some thumbprint cookies!

Yuletide Pear Vanilla- This is by far one of the best pear type scents I have come across it is soooo good. This one is going on me " I need more of this list".

Pumpkin Pie/Tre Leches Cake- I love love love Tre leches cake and you can definitely catch that creamy goodness but then you get the bakery crust bakery type smell of the pumpkin pie which kinda throws me off...This is one I am not sure if I like or not. But I must melt it before I can say for sure!

Vanilla Cotton- This one smells so clean and fresh with a VERY light sweetness of vanilla it is WONDERFUL!!!

Hensel & Gretals house- This to me is straight up ginger bread with spices and almost a gum drop type scent .In my opinion this is a perfect holiday type scent without being your type smell it everywhere deal. I have never had this from another vendor because I was afraid I would like it but I am very glad i ventured away from what I normally choose because this one is just YUM!

Vanilla Sandalwood- LOVE LOVE LOVE I am a huge sandalwood fan and this one didn't disappoint!!! I am not sure that I really smell any vanilla but I am ok with that because it still smells so amazing!

Mountain Lake- This smells to me like clean fresh air with citrus.This one is hubby approved which says a lot lol :)

Orange Chiffon Cake- Lemon Chiffon Cake is really the only bakery scent that I would go as far as saying I love and I have never had the orange kind so I gave it a shot and it's just as good. If you aren't much into bakery scent this is a good baby step!!!

Green Tea & Willow- This scent is oh so very unique (in a good way) after seeing someone say how amazing it was I just HAD to try it and I am sooo glad that I did. Everyone in the house fell in love with this scent it is so crisp and clean mixed with a earthy botanical. I have never had a scent like this before and its great!!! This would be a perfect scent to have going while while you are relaxing in a nice hot bath!

Wild berry lip balm- This was the first every vendor balm i have ever had the pleasure of having and I can honestly say that after trying this one I don't know If I could EVER go back to store bought kind. This went on sooo smooth and silky without being in the least bit sticky and had a very light berry scent to it...Y'all MUST try this lip balm you will NOT be disappointed!

Lemon Verbena Sugar Scrub- This is by the far one of the best sugar scrubs I have use both store and vendor bought! I have some of the worlds softest elbows right now lol :)

Her shop is currently only open with sale RTS items as she is phasing them out to make way more NEW products. All order of $30 or more get FREE shipping so what are you waiting for  go check out her awesome stuff!!! You can find the Facebook page HERE as well as their Etsy shop HERE!!! If you decide to go fan her page make sure to let her know Binky sent you :)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lucky Little Duck

I love me some handmade bath and body products, so I'm oh so happy when I have the chance to try a new company. This time I have gotten a "soap ornament" from a little company called Lucky Little Duck. It is this cute little Christmas tree shaped soap on a rope in the scent Mistletoe.

 The concept is you hang them on your fake tree as an ornament to make it have a real tree scent and once you take your tree down you have some soap to use. Decoration that serves a purpose...I say genius! I have never smelled anything in a mistletoe scent prior to this soap it's different but I like it. To me it has a woody cologne type smell. I'm sure my hubby will be smelling mighty good when it comes time to use it :)  
Her shop  also offers just normal soap in several different scents as well as solid lotion sticks, body butter, Lip balm, bath salt and more!  You can find the Facebook page here as well as their shop here. If you decide to like their Facebook page be sure to tell them Binky sent you!!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gingerly Boutique

I had won a Thanksgiving shirt from a company called Gingerly Boutique . I had  the choice of 3 different tie styles and I chose "gobble till I wobble" because it was PERFECT for my son Elijah. This is a close up of the design...
as well as here is a picture of my handsome baby wearing it...
I think he looks ADORABLE but then again I am slightly biased lol :) This company specializes in personalized Infant and toddler bodysuits/shirts as well as headbands, jewelry and more!You can find their Facebook page here as well as their Etsy shop here. If you decide to like their Facebook page make sure to let them know Binky sent you.

Bec's Beach Feet

I was lucky enough to get an  pair of Shoeless sandals from Bec's Beach Feet. I've never owned any "foot jewelry" besides a few toe rings when I was younger but these adorable! They came in packaged in a cute orange organza bag...
All of her stuff is handmade to order using products such as jade, bone, wood, glass , turquoise  and crystal. They offer a wide variety of styles from a day at the beach to wedding styles! This is the pair I received...
I think they are super cute ( don't mind my feet lol) and I can't wait until summer time to show them off!!!
You can check out her Facebook page here and also her website here. If you decide to like her page make sure you let them know Binky sent you :)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Yay for Makeup

I got this amazing Rimmel London Retro Glam Mascara out of my VoxBox and I had wrote a small review on my whole box but I HAD to rave more about this Mascara! I have been using it for over a week now and I am sooo loving it!!! I hardly have any eyelashes (I'm a natural blonde) and with only ONE coat my eyelashes looked pretty damn good...Y'all should most definitely try it if you love mascara :)
This is a pic of my beautiful eyes lol and eyelashes after only one coat :)

Monday, October 28, 2013


I was ecstatic when I got word that I would be receiving my very first VoxBox from Influnester. I got the "RoseVoxBox" this morning in the mail and couldn't wait to dig in!!! I shall list off what was in this box along with a short review...

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara- I have used  many Rimmel products so I was excited to see this in the box. Mascara would have to be my favorite type of makeup so that was a PLUS! What was interesting about this mascara is the wand...
At first it felt a little awkward when I was applying it (More than likely because I've never used this type of brush before) but once I got a "hang of things' it was great! With only one coat my lashes looked pretty awesome but I let that coat dry and put on a second coat and POW super lashes.This is great mascara I would definetly buy this produst!

Dr.Scholl's For Her Cozy Cushions.- These are so furry and soooft. I have never used any type of shoe inserts so I had no idea what to expect. I cut them to size (the work from size 6-10)and put them in my boots and while they were comfortable (for the few hours I wore them) they were to hot. It's not yet cold enough here in Georgia, But I'm sure they'll keep your feet warm in Winter!

BelVita crunchy Breakfast Biscuits- These aren't actually that bad. They tasted to me like a mix of an oatmeal cookie and a ginger snap but with a "wholesome" texture (they have 19grams of whole grain per serving). My 3 year old thought they were "Deeelicious" lol :)

Kiss Gradation Polish- This is a cute little "kit" for a fun look. 
It is a pretty simple 3 step process but the drying time between coats is annoying to me. I love Kiss polish so I will use all 3 from the kit but not using this process.

Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles- Chocolate and Truffles need I say more???
I have had these maaany times because I am a chocolate fiend! These as always where oh so very yummy. I'm not gonna lie I ate them as soon as I opened the box ...Don't judge me!!!

Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer

 I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. All opinions expressed are solely my own!!!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

I was lucky enough to win a giveaway over at Nettys-Give-Aways for a bath bomb from Reese Bath Bombs!!! I have been wanting to try one of these bombs for awhile now so I was STOKED :) Now these aren't your normal bath bomb every one contains a hidden ring worth anywhere from  $10-250!!!
 I choose the Scent Milk and Honey because it is one of my very favorite scents. Now I have to say this didn't smell like milk and honey to me...I think it had more of a floral scent but it was pleasant none the less!
I filled up my big ole' tub and dropped it in and it was super fizzy and smells amazing.
I've used bombs from a few different companies and this one was the strongest scented one i've had thus far...Which is a definite plus! Even after being out of the bath for over an hour I can still smell the scent on my skin. After a nice long soak I decided it was time to open up my little red foil to see the ring!!!
I got this pretty ring that has found a home win my Mom because sadly it's to small for my man hands.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Free T-shirt!!!

Hurry on over to the free t-shirt to get your  TOTALLY FREE shirt. Just click on the "get yours now" tab and fill out the info section. :)

Free Halloween Tote bag!!!

Free custom Halloween tote from York Photo....You just pay S&H offer expires 10/31 :)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Starlit Review.

I got an awesome package in the mail today from starlit candles. This is the second time I have had from this vendor and she doesn't disappoint! Today I got Lemon Marshmallow, Louisiana Dream , Butt Naked, Chocolate Cream Cupcake, Birthday Cake, Opulent Egyptian Amber, Carnivale, Beautiful,Sex on the beach, Pink Sugar and Moonlit Path. I have never had the Butt Naked scent from anyone yet so I was super excited to smell it and it smalls yummy like bananas and melon. I used to not much care for lemon scents but both the lemon marshmallow and the beautiful (Which is a citrus type mix but as of now all i smell is lemon because it needs to cure) smell very good. I would definitely get the lemon marshmallow combo again I am surprised at how much I like it! The Egyptian Amber is another MUST have...If you like a earthy musky type scent. This would be a good scent for "sexy time" LOL ;). Now I am not a fan of the bakery (i am starting to branch out) type scents so I didn't care for the chocolate cream cupcake so it found a home with my brother. As far as the Louisiana Dream I can't remember what the scent combo was but even though it has a bakery scent it still smells pretty good but I can definitely smell a coffee and nutty scent. I cannot wait to order more from this company!!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

It's a baby thing.

Would you like a chance to win these adorable Lollipop mouth covers from It's a baby thing???
The lovely Trisha from Saving money in Massachusetts was lucky enough to get a set to review and giveaway. So head on over to her blog to enter for your chance to win... Giveaway runs from midnight tonight through Oct. 4th!!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Easy Chicken "Gumbo"

2 pounds ground chicken
1 cup chopped celery
1 cup chopped green pepper
1 cup chopped onion
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 can (28 ounces) stewed tomatoes
2 cup frozen okra
1 chopped fresh jalapeno
1 cup chicken broth
2 teaspoon Cajun seasoning
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon caynee pepper
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1 teaspoon thyme
4 tablespoons hot sauce

In pot cook the chicken, celery, jalapeno,green pepper and onion in oil over medium heat for 15 minutes or until chicken is no longer pink; drain liquid
Stir in the remaining ingredients BESIDES THE OKRA ( throw that in about 10 mins before its done or whatever the package says) . Bring to a boil. Reduce heat; cover and simmer for 1 hour .Serve over brown rice

I am sure you could also just brown the meat and then throw everything in the slow cooker (aside from the okra cuz it'll get mushy) I just hardly ever use mine.

Ok everyone I have a new giveaway for y'all!!! Up for grabs is a $10 shop credit to Allspice Teething, LLC.  The stuff is not only adorable but Allspice and Amber jewelry when worn can help relieve the symptoms associated with teething, carpal tunnel, sciatica, arthritis, headaches (tension & migraines), ear aches, inflammation & more! They can be worn by babies, toddlers & adults. Giveaway goes live tonight at 8pm (EDT) and will run for one week. May the odds be ever in your favor :)

Disclaimer: Blithering Binky
is not responsible for the sponsor prize shipment. This giveaway is no way sponsored, endorsed, administered, or associated with Facebook, Twitter or Google+. The winner will have 24 hours to contact myself of the vendor to claim their prize. After 24 hours if the prize hasn't been claimed a new winner will be selected.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Reese Bonus Bath Bombs!!!

This Giveaway is being Hosted By: Bargain Shopping with Holly


Have you heard of Reese Bath Bombs yet? They are a relatively new company that provide Bath bombs with something a little different in them.  You can visit to see all her offerings.

First They come in 10 scents:

Angel wingsa light floral scent with touches of sandal wood and baby powder.

Blueberryfreshly picked and juicy blueberries baking in the oven.
Cotton Candy - has the delightful sugary scent of the carnival midway.
Gardenia - a light fresh floral scent of lush white gardenias in full bloom 
Hawiian Plumeria - a delightful floral scent of Hawaiian Plumeria flowers 
Coconut Lime - an irresistible scent of zesty lime and creamy coconut combined.
Milk N Honeythe combination of smooth milk and creamy honey that create a lightly sweet luxurious fragrance perfect for those who prefer a light fresh scent.
Pina Colada - The tropical scent of sweet pineapple, cream of coconut and rum notes.
Strawberries N Creamthe fragrance of juicy strawberries dipped in whipped vanilla cream.
Warm Vanilla Sugarthe scent of warm vanilla with  a touch of sweet brown sugar will have you craving cookies in no time!

You can find out more in her shop here:

Now onto the review! I chose Pina Colada:

It came perfectly packaged and it arrived a lot faster than I anticipated, maybe because I am used to blogging about candles and sometimes I feel I may die of old age by the time they get here. Her average time of arrival is 3-5 days. Now, at the time I did not own a bathing suit so I could not review it in the bathtub, cause you know.... trying to keep my Youtube channel PG and all. So instead I used my industrial sized sink in my laundry room. to view the youtube video please follow this link:

Believe me when I say I had more fun chasing the bomb with my feet than anything lol. I loved the bath bomb, it left my feet feeling softer than they have in years not to mention smelling awesome. My only regret was not being able to use it in the bathtub so my whole body would benefit. 

Each Bonus Bomb comes with a ring inside. I have mine pictured below. It's a bit big for me but I did like it. The Reese facebook also has links to ring swap pages in case yours does not fit or it is not to your liking. They also have a huge gallery on there showing what kinds of rings you can find.

I would like to mention, unlike other bombs it is best if you use the whole bomb at once, for several reasons. 1 If you break it open you risk damaging your ring, she does not and should not have to replace your item because of this. Also to get the full benefit of the bomb it is important to use it in it's entirety. Also not all of her rings are costume. They range from $10 - $250, but even the $10 ones are usually at least gold or silver plated. Each ring comes in a plastic bag and wrapped in blue, red or gold foil. The blue and red foils are the ones that are worth a minimum of $10.00. If you are lucky enough to get one of the gold foiled ones? Get excited, your ring is worth a minimum of $50!

All in all I was very happy with this bath bomb, with the exception of course that I couldn't use it in my tub. As you all know I love these crackerjack like companies. The excitement of getting out whatever it is hidden inside is the best part of my day and it is why I do what I do!

I hope you enjoyed this review and visit this incredible company!

As a Bonus? Reese Bath Bombs has agreed to sponsor a Giveaway! 1 Winner will get a Bonus Bath Bomb of their Choice! This giveaway will run 1 week starting tomorrow 9/14/2013 and will be added to the bottom of this review!

As always, the opinions in this review are my own and should not reflect that of the company. Reese Bath Bombs provided the bomb for review, I was not compensated in anyway. 

Disclaimer: Bargain Shopping with Holly received these items for free from Reese Bath Bombs for her review. My opinions are 100% my own and may differ from other’s. Bargain Shopping with Holly and Blithering Binky
are not responsible for the sponsor prize shipment. This giveaway is no way sponsored, endorsed, administered, or associated with Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. The winner will have 24 hours to contact me after being notified by e-mail.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Back To ScHool

Plum District is giving away 15 Frecklebox Back To School Kits( full of PERSONALIZED school supplies) PLUS 10 Grand Prizes of  a $500 GAP gift card!!! Hurry deadline for entries is 9/15 :)
Click Here To Enter!!!

Ethereal Glow!!!

Was another awesome mail day because I got my custom half loaf from Ethereal Glow!!! Though I had to wait a couple weeks for it to me bad it was definitely worth the wait. My custom loaf was is in the scents Cotton Candy/Pink Sugar/ Ethereal Glow/ Marshmallow and it is soooo good!!!! It  smells sweet, creamy and decadent and I assure you the cure time will drive me crazy... I was oh so tempted to pop a piece in my warmer as soon as it came but I shall resist temptation.She was also kind enough to send me 5 free samples (which is amazing ) in the following scents Chai tea, Peppermint cream, Cotton Candy Frosting , Brenham Cream and the ghost!!! I've never had any wax in Chai Tea before and this one has a  light tea scent but I smell quiet a bit of cinnamon/nutmeg. Peppermint Cream to me smells a little bit like tooth paste and i'm not sure about this one ( first from this company that I haven't really cared for). Cotton Candy Frosting is AMAZING!!! You'd expect it to be super sweet but it isn't, It's just a mellow smooth sweetness and I see more of this scent in my future. Brenham Cream smells like vanilla frosting so sweet and yummy. As for the little ghost guy he is a mystery. It was a goof and even the Julia (the owner of the company) isn't sure what the scent it. I think it smells like tootsie roll pops .I catch some type of chocolate and then a soft sweetness it very well could be an ice red velvet cake... I guess we shall never really know but it smells good regardless!

Ethereal Glow Candle Company

Friday, September 6, 2013

I swear sometimes the mail lady is my best friend. I get way to excited when she pulls up!!! Today I got in another amazing package from  Ethereal Glow. This company is definitely in my top 3 vendors! Not only does her stuff smells AMAZING but the texture of her wax is in my opinion perfect. Today I got a huge piece of Peach Nectar/Momma/Brenham Cream. On cold smell the peach seemed to over power the other scents but now that I have it melting the creamy baked yummyness comes through a lot more. I am oh so glad that I have such a big piece! I also got some sample shots in Amarillo Morning, Laundromat,Lemon Sauce and Serendipity. I would never have chose Amarillo Morning for myself and it smells like creamy coffee goodness. Laundromat is a strong very clean smell it reminds me of dryer sheets and it got the hubbys approval :) So much great stuff to melt it's hard to choose... LOL!!! To check out some of her stuff go give her facebook page a like!!! Ethereal Glow Candle Company

Thursday, September 5, 2013

I was fortunate enough to win a giveaway for a sample pack of Pink Zebra Sprinkles from one of their awesome reps Merranda :) I have only had the chance to smell a few of their scents so I was pretty excited!!! I received Stoned Washed Denim, Turquoise Waters, Sweet Pea & Lily, Honeysuckle Hugs, Powder Puff, Fresh Raspberry, Grapefruit Mandarin, Red Delicious Apple,  Orange Dreamsicle and  I Love Watermelon. First off I can't believe how STRONG they smell... They are super strong even in their little baggies. They all smell pretty amazing!!!  Stoned Washed Denim,Turquoise Waters and Powder Puff are all awesome fresh clean type scents. I normally don't care at all for sweet pea ( i've tried several and never had any luck) I was surprised at how wonderful this one is ...If you like floral this is a MUST try!!! I Love Watermelon is dead on to watermelon Jolly Ranchers, It's sooo sweet and yummy. Red Delicious Apple is a perfectly fitting name it smells like fresh cut apples! Overall I am pretty impressed with them all and I can't wait to start melting :) If anyone is interested in checking out Pink Zebra go give Merrandas page( Link on the bottom of this post) a "Like" and tell her Binky sent you!

Want to get FREE stuff while getting rid of stuff you don't want anymore?!?! Come check out Lista... I am fairly new to using it but i've already got some cute jewelry from here!!! If you join using my referral link you get 250 bonus credits :)


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I have been saying I was going to start a blog for the longest time, Sooo I figured there is NO better time than now!!! You will come across random things here I am sure. I adore candles/wax , cooking, movies and "sweeping" ( A friend got me hooked on entering giveaways and such) so those are a few topics you will  definitely see here. Oh and if you're a "grammar nazi" I apologize in advance lol ;)