Saturday, March 1, 2014

Aunt Smellman (2)

So not that long ago I received an R.A.O.K (Random Act Of Kindness) from the owner of this company and absolutely loved it, so as soon as her shop was open I HAD to place and order! This is what I ordered( as well as the awesome freebies she sent <3)...

Apple Jack and Peel- This one smells like apple, clove and maybe orange. It is real strong on cold sniff!

Frosted Lime Cupcake- This is an awesome creamy sweet lime sent...I don't much smell the cupcake but thats fine with me!

Victorian Christmas- This smells exactly like spice drop candy...Sweet and Spicy!!!

Fairy Dust- This one was a sample and I am oh so sad that I didn't get more of it. This smells sooo good!!! It's a floral scent with hints of musk and a smidge of sweet.

White Peach and Hubiscus- I wasn't sure this combo would be that great but it is wonderful! It sweet and lightly peachy ( sometimes peach is just to strong and overpowers everything else) with floral tones.

Pink Pantaloons- I love the pink sugar scent and thats what this one is. It is like Pink sugars twin sister that is just a little bit more sassy lol :) If you are a fan of pink sugar this is a must try!

Frost and Snowdrops- This one doesn't have much of a smell to me. It just smells like unscented lotion...I am going to let it cure and see if maybe I can smell something.

Cashmere Sweater-I love this scent... It's floral, fresh and slightly earthy with a light sweet vanilla. I can't wait to melt this one!

Dr. Feelgood- This is what a clean man should smell like. It's earthy and musky with very light floral undertones.

Downy Feathers- This is straight up the smell of Downy fabric softner. This is probably my favorite clean linen type scent I have ever had and my husband LOVES it as well. If you are a person who loves the clean type scents you will love this one!!!

Kismet- Oooh patchouli how I adore thee. This one smells like patchouli, citrus and lavender. It is an interesting combo that on first sniff I didn't like ...but the more I smelled it the more I started to like it. I am very curious as to how this one will smell while melting.

Georgia Pink Magnolia- I am not huge on straight floral scents but since I live in Georgia I figured I would give this one a shot...And I am glad that I did. This isn't just floral it has  a sweetness to it that makes me want to keep smelling it lol #creeper

Strawberry Shortcake Vanilla Bean Noel- If you can imagine what a strawberry laffy taffy wrapped around a twinkie would smell like thats what this one is (at least in my head).

Palm Leaf- Omg so many awesome scents in the order and this is another. It's a crisp clean almost green type of scent. I need more of this scent for sure!!!

Marshmallow Ambrosia-  I love anything with marshmallow...So so sweet and delicious!!!

Lunar Eclipse-This one is my favorite out of this order . It is sweet and floral ...a girly scent without being too girly ( if that makes sense) . It reminds be of the Ed Hardy perfume I wear. I MUST have more of this scent!!!!

I have only had stuff from this vendor twice and already I can say she would be in my top 3. You can check out her webpage here as well as her Facebook page here.

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