Saturday, March 29, 2014

Jewelry In Candles review and reveal!

I have had one candle from this company about a year ago and I didn't have a pleasant experience but I wanted to give them another. I worked out a deal with one of their awesome reps Tanya to give them another try...I was pretty excited!!! The turn around time was a little bit long for my liking ( I ordered the 5th and I didn't get my candle until the 27th) it really wasn't to long of a wait. I am just not used to waiting that long and I tend to be pretty impatient lol. After spending what seemed like forever to pick the scent I wanted to try I went with Island Hibiscus...
This candle smelled amazing! It is a "sweet" (just a hint) floral. Sometimes floral scents are just to funeral home type smelling for me which isn't the case with this scent. If you aren't someone who is into the old lady type flower smells you would still LOVE this one. This candle burned perfect for me (unlike the last one) so that was a huge plus!My only issue is that it didn't have much of a throw and I would have loved for it to be a little strong. I lit this for 7 hours on the day I got it and then the next day for 5 hours. So after 12 hours of burn time this is what I saw...
Now anyone who has ever had one of these jewelry type of candles know how exciting it is when you see that foil...and also how hard it is not to dig that beast out! With this company you are able to choose what type of jewelry you want be in a ring (you can also choose your size), a necklace,earrings or a total surprise. I chose to get a ring because that tends to be the only type of jewelry I actually wear. This is the ring I got...
The stone  is actually a very dark blue  even though it looks black in the picture. Even though it is just costume jewelry it is still really pretty and sparkly! Overall it was a much more pleasant experience than the last candle and I would be willing to buy from this company again. I would love to give their jewelry tarts a try next! If you'd be interested in giving them a try ( if you haven't already) get in touch with Tanya she's super sweet and very helpful. You can find her Facebook page here as well as her JIC store here...And like always if you go like her page or make a purchase make sure to let her know that Binky sent you :)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Aunt Smellman (2)

So not that long ago I received an R.A.O.K (Random Act Of Kindness) from the owner of this company and absolutely loved it, so as soon as her shop was open I HAD to place and order! This is what I ordered( as well as the awesome freebies she sent <3)...

Apple Jack and Peel- This one smells like apple, clove and maybe orange. It is real strong on cold sniff!

Frosted Lime Cupcake- This is an awesome creamy sweet lime sent...I don't much smell the cupcake but thats fine with me!

Victorian Christmas- This smells exactly like spice drop candy...Sweet and Spicy!!!

Fairy Dust- This one was a sample and I am oh so sad that I didn't get more of it. This smells sooo good!!! It's a floral scent with hints of musk and a smidge of sweet.

White Peach and Hubiscus- I wasn't sure this combo would be that great but it is wonderful! It sweet and lightly peachy ( sometimes peach is just to strong and overpowers everything else) with floral tones.

Pink Pantaloons- I love the pink sugar scent and thats what this one is. It is like Pink sugars twin sister that is just a little bit more sassy lol :) If you are a fan of pink sugar this is a must try!

Frost and Snowdrops- This one doesn't have much of a smell to me. It just smells like unscented lotion...I am going to let it cure and see if maybe I can smell something.

Cashmere Sweater-I love this scent... It's floral, fresh and slightly earthy with a light sweet vanilla. I can't wait to melt this one!

Dr. Feelgood- This is what a clean man should smell like. It's earthy and musky with very light floral undertones.

Downy Feathers- This is straight up the smell of Downy fabric softner. This is probably my favorite clean linen type scent I have ever had and my husband LOVES it as well. If you are a person who loves the clean type scents you will love this one!!!

Kismet- Oooh patchouli how I adore thee. This one smells like patchouli, citrus and lavender. It is an interesting combo that on first sniff I didn't like ...but the more I smelled it the more I started to like it. I am very curious as to how this one will smell while melting.

Georgia Pink Magnolia- I am not huge on straight floral scents but since I live in Georgia I figured I would give this one a shot...And I am glad that I did. This isn't just floral it has  a sweetness to it that makes me want to keep smelling it lol #creeper

Strawberry Shortcake Vanilla Bean Noel- If you can imagine what a strawberry laffy taffy wrapped around a twinkie would smell like thats what this one is (at least in my head).

Palm Leaf- Omg so many awesome scents in the order and this is another. It's a crisp clean almost green type of scent. I need more of this scent for sure!!!

Marshmallow Ambrosia-  I love anything with marshmallow...So so sweet and delicious!!!

Lunar Eclipse-This one is my favorite out of this order . It is sweet and floral ...a girly scent without being too girly ( if that makes sense) . It reminds be of the Ed Hardy perfume I wear. I MUST have more of this scent!!!!

I have only had stuff from this vendor twice and already I can say she would be in my top 3. You can check out her webpage here as well as her Facebook page here.