Friday, January 10, 2014

Front Porch Candle Co.

I was fortunate enough to win a gift card to this company. It was extra exciting because this is a new to me company. I have heard wonderful things about their wax but I had never had never had any. A HUGE plus is that shipping is free (us only). This is what I chose with my giftcard...

Moonlight Kiss & Snugglin' Under The Stars - This to me is a straight up sexy time smell (my sister in law agrees) It reminds me a lot of Moonlit Path from bath and body works. It's floral , earthy, musky and ever so slightly sweet. I am oh so glad that I got the chunky tart (the big one) in this scent because it is amazing!!!

Pink Mallow Clothesline- This is straight up sweet and clean. On first sniff it is sweet but then you get the clean linen type smell in the background. It sounds like an odd combo but it awesome!

French Vanilla & Oak- I love anything that is Vanilla so I was most excited about this particular scent. It is a feminine yet masculine scent. You get the earthy oak with hints of sweet creamy vanilla. It almost reminds me of a sweet sandalwood.

Princess Gown- This is a straight up strong perfume scent. It is kinda hard to describe its floral with ever so slight earthyness and perhaps some vanilla. If this one is as strong on warm throw as on cold I will be one happy lady because it smells sooo good!

Kudzu-First sniff this smells like grape but then the more you smell it you get hints of greenery and flowers. This is interesting but in a good way. I am excited to see how this one smells when melting!!!

Original Gain and Marshmallow- This smells straight up like a sweet sugar laundry soap...Exactly what you would expect it to smell like. I think that the laundry soap companies need a soap in this scent because I would FOR SURE buy it. Again and interesting scent combo but it WORKS!!!

I am so glad I was able to finally try this vendor these scents were all wonderful! I will (when I am not so poor whenever that is lol) for sure order from this company again. You can find their Facebook page here and there website Here. As always if you decide to fan their page let them know Binky sent you :)

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