Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I was was so excited for this order to come in because it is a new vendor to me ( which is always fun) and came highly recommended by a someone whom I very must trust in the wax world. This is a little company called Sapeterapi based out of NC that specializes in all natural bath and body products as well as wax , incents and more!  This was my first order...

It consisted of  scents in the following ;
 Spirulina- Which I am unsure what this scent actually is ( it was a freebie) but I didn't much care of it but others in my house did,

Snickers Coffee Blend- This one to me didn't have as much of a coffee scent as I was hopping for but it's still pretty pleasant.

Jambleberry thumbprint cookies- At first scent it smells very berry with a mild bakey undertone... Which works for me because I am not a huge bakery scent fan and it made me really want to bake some thumbprint cookies!

Yuletide Pear Vanilla- This is by far one of the best pear type scents I have come across it is soooo good. This one is going on me " I need more of this list".

Pumpkin Pie/Tre Leches Cake- I love love love Tre leches cake and you can definitely catch that creamy goodness but then you get the bakery crust bakery type smell of the pumpkin pie which kinda throws me off...This is one I am not sure if I like or not. But I must melt it before I can say for sure!

Vanilla Cotton- This one smells so clean and fresh with a VERY light sweetness of vanilla it is WONDERFUL!!!

Hensel & Gretals house- This to me is straight up ginger bread with spices and almost a gum drop type scent .In my opinion this is a perfect holiday type scent without being your type smell it everywhere deal. I have never had this from another vendor because I was afraid I would like it but I am very glad i ventured away from what I normally choose because this one is just YUM!

Vanilla Sandalwood- LOVE LOVE LOVE I am a huge sandalwood fan and this one didn't disappoint!!! I am not sure that I really smell any vanilla but I am ok with that because it still smells so amazing!

Mountain Lake- This smells to me like clean fresh air with citrus.This one is hubby approved which says a lot lol :)

Orange Chiffon Cake- Lemon Chiffon Cake is really the only bakery scent that I would go as far as saying I love and I have never had the orange kind so I gave it a shot and it's just as good. If you aren't much into bakery scent this is a good baby step!!!

Green Tea & Willow- This scent is oh so very unique (in a good way) after seeing someone say how amazing it was I just HAD to try it and I am sooo glad that I did. Everyone in the house fell in love with this scent it is so crisp and clean mixed with a earthy botanical. I have never had a scent like this before and its great!!! This would be a perfect scent to have going while while you are relaxing in a nice hot bath!

Wild berry lip balm- This was the first every vendor balm i have ever had the pleasure of having and I can honestly say that after trying this one I don't know If I could EVER go back to store bought kind. This went on sooo smooth and silky without being in the least bit sticky and had a very light berry scent to it...Y'all MUST try this lip balm you will NOT be disappointed!

Lemon Verbena Sugar Scrub- This is by the far one of the best sugar scrubs I have use both store and vendor bought! I have some of the worlds softest elbows right now lol :)

Her shop is currently only open with sale RTS items as she is phasing them out to make way more NEW products. All order of $30 or more get FREE shipping so what are you waiting for  go check out her awesome stuff!!! You can find the Facebook page HERE as well as their Etsy shop HERE!!! If you decide to go fan her page make sure to let her know Binky sent you :)

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