Saturday, December 14, 2013


This is my second time getting from this vendor(and it won't be the last) and I LOVE her stuff!!! I have been venturing away form my go to scents to try new things and I literally like everything in this order...which for me when I am out of my "comfort zone" is astonishing. Her shots are so full that the lids won't even stay on so I have to bust out the tape lol. My order consisted of following ;

Body/room Spray in Fruit Loops- Which is true to its name ...Just like the cereal fruity and yummy! Though I wouldn't wear this on myself I shall use it on my bed so have sweet cereal dreams lol :)

All natural lip balm- I am not sure on the scent of this because I told her to surprise me but whatever it is it smells sweet and fruity. Goes on smooth and isn't at all gummy (which sometimes happens or at least in my opinion) Only thing is I wish it was in a tub instead of the little jar.

Coconut Lime Verbena- Sometimes when I get this scent It is to limey but this one isn't! This one isn't super strong it's very fresh and mellow.

Pistachio Pudding Cake-I have never had this scent before and now I am sad that I haven't tried it sooner. This one is AMAZING sweet creamy delicious goodness.I MUST GET MORE!!!

Blueberry Pancakes- Almost edible this is sooo good!!! It smells like baking blueberry muffins/cake. I've had her normal blueberry before and loved it but was scared of this because I was worried the pancakes was gonna be to bakery (which by now y'all know I don't like) but this is perfect.

Oatmeal Milk & honey- Milk and Honey is probably one of my all time favorite scents ...But sadly most of the time it has a funky cherryish scent to it that is all I smell. With this one that isn't the case at all ( you can smell that scent but it's very faint)  it reminds me of a clean lotion smell.It could be a little more sweet though.

Hot Pink & Lime-This to me smells like pink lemonade with some lime slices thrown in. Very Citrus and sweet.

Cotton Candy & Banana- This one is sweet sugary goodness! Her banana runt (smells JUST like the candy) it awesome on it's own but mixed with the cotton candy its even better!!! I feel the need to mix this with some with blueberry pancakes.

Country Bumpkin-This to me smells like Christmas...It is cinnamon and spice and slightly sweet. I catch a very faint hint of apples and something else sweet that I can quite put my finger on.( I don't look at scent descriptions so that I am totally unbiased on my reviews)

Apple Butter Caramel- At first sniff this almost smells like coffee to me...But as I smell it more I get hints of the apples , nutmeg (perhaps) and sweetness. Another new to me smell that I was scared of (caramel smells like burnt to me) but I love this one!

Pineapple Strawberry Supreme-I don't catch much strawberry just a  juicy sweet semi tart pineapple.YUM!

Country Gift Shop- This one to me smells exactly like those cinnamon brooms you can get around this time of year. I am not the biggest cinnamon fan but this one isn't so strong as to agitate my nose. Maybe if she is lucky this one will go to my Mama because she LOVES cinnamon scents.

Sweet Tarts- The name says it all. It smells like opening up a package of sweet tarts. My 3 year old kept asking if he could "eat the candy" and that is smelled "good".

Apples & Oat- This one is odd but not in a bad way its just different. It smells like fresh sliced apples but with an odd undertone ...Which I am sure is the oat. This will more than likely be the first one I melt because It intrigues me. 

You can find her Facebook group Here and her Etsy shop Here. She has so many awesome scents it's definitely worth checking out. If you so happen as to order or join her group make sure to let her know Binky sent you :) 

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