Friday, September 6, 2013

I swear sometimes the mail lady is my best friend. I get way to excited when she pulls up!!! Today I got in another amazing package from  Ethereal Glow. This company is definitely in my top 3 vendors! Not only does her stuff smells AMAZING but the texture of her wax is in my opinion perfect. Today I got a huge piece of Peach Nectar/Momma/Brenham Cream. On cold smell the peach seemed to over power the other scents but now that I have it melting the creamy baked yummyness comes through a lot more. I am oh so glad that I have such a big piece! I also got some sample shots in Amarillo Morning, Laundromat,Lemon Sauce and Serendipity. I would never have chose Amarillo Morning for myself and it smells like creamy coffee goodness. Laundromat is a strong very clean smell it reminds me of dryer sheets and it got the hubbys approval :) So much great stuff to melt it's hard to choose... LOL!!! To check out some of her stuff go give her facebook page a like!!! Ethereal Glow Candle Company

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