Friday, September 13, 2013

Ethereal Glow!!!

Was another awesome mail day because I got my custom half loaf from Ethereal Glow!!! Though I had to wait a couple weeks for it to me bad it was definitely worth the wait. My custom loaf was is in the scents Cotton Candy/Pink Sugar/ Ethereal Glow/ Marshmallow and it is soooo good!!!! It  smells sweet, creamy and decadent and I assure you the cure time will drive me crazy... I was oh so tempted to pop a piece in my warmer as soon as it came but I shall resist temptation.She was also kind enough to send me 5 free samples (which is amazing ) in the following scents Chai tea, Peppermint cream, Cotton Candy Frosting , Brenham Cream and the ghost!!! I've never had any wax in Chai Tea before and this one has a  light tea scent but I smell quiet a bit of cinnamon/nutmeg. Peppermint Cream to me smells a little bit like tooth paste and i'm not sure about this one ( first from this company that I haven't really cared for). Cotton Candy Frosting is AMAZING!!! You'd expect it to be super sweet but it isn't, It's just a mellow smooth sweetness and I see more of this scent in my future. Brenham Cream smells like vanilla frosting so sweet and yummy. As for the little ghost guy he is a mystery. It was a goof and even the Julia (the owner of the company) isn't sure what the scent it. I think it smells like tootsie roll pops .I catch some type of chocolate and then a soft sweetness it very well could be an ice red velvet cake... I guess we shall never really know but it smells good regardless!

Ethereal Glow Candle Company

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