Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Yummy Melts & More

I was fortunate enough to win  a giveaway on this businesses Facebook page and I was stoked. I am always ridiculously excited to try new companies!!! Anyways I won 2 of her brand new blended flower drop tarts and she has asked me If I would be willing to test out 2 of the new scents they were thinking about carrying ...and of course I said YES :) This is what I got ...

A 4oz tart in Cotton Candy/Pink Sugar-First off this thing is HUGE (as you can tell from how it fits in my hand) and it is adorable with the flowers on both sides. As far as the scent goes it smells really good. I don't catch much of the cotton candy I feel as if it's just a sweeter version of Pink Sugar. Pink Sugar is one of my favorite scents and this one does't disappoint. I think maybe more of the cotton candy scent might come out as it melts because after letting it cure a week I am able to smell it more now than I did when I had first got it.

4oz tart in Lilac/ Lavender- Though I rather have a sweet floral this one isn't bad. It's true to name and smells just like fresh flowers without smelling to "old ladyish" ( don't act like y'all don't know what I'm talking about lol).  This one would be PERFECT for spring!!! These are actually two of my Mamas favorite scents so I passed this one along to her because she will enjoy it much more than I would. 

Now onto the 2 "tester scents" ( done in a Glade warmer)...

I was in love with these ass soon as I seen then because well they are Hello Kitty shapes and I LOVE me some Hello Kitty ( I even have a HK tattoo on my leg) they are sooo cute!!!

1.5 oz tart in Rock Candy- This one to me didn't smell like rock candy but it was AMAZING it was tangy and fruity. If you can imagine if sweet tarts and grape laffy taffy had a baby this is what it'd smell like! On warmer it smelled even more like grape laffy taffy. I got about 7 hours of scent out of this tart the first 4 of which was SUPER strong.  This is the 2nd best grape type smell i've EVER had. Not true to name in my opinion but it was awesome regardless:)

1.5 oz tart in Mexican Fried Icecream - When I was a kid we used to go to this Mexican restaurant and on special occasion my Mama would order this for us kids and scent smells exactly like what I remember the real thing to smell like. (Isn't is awesome when a scent can remind you of the good ole' days?!?!) It is a very creamy vanilla scent with some hints of spice (i'd guess cinnamon/nutmeg) with an ever so slight bakery undertone. It is mouth watering delicious!!! I got about 6 hours out of this with a medium/light throw and then it started to get a slight play-doh smell so I dumped it. I think this would be better as a blender scent ...Mixed with a little marshmallow it would be PERFECT!

I look forward to trying more from this company in the future :)
You can find their Facebook page here as well as their webpage here and as always if you fan her page make sure to let her know Binky Sent you <3

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