Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lenea's Wax Creations

I was lucky enough to be a winner of the milestone giveaway (so many fans on her page) for this company and I was SOOO excited! I haven't had anything from her in what seems like forever and what I had from her in the past I loved...Not so mention the owner of this company is awesome lady :) When I got my prize in I was blown away it was so much more than I was expecting. I got this amazing Easter basket (she also sold these during the holiday) and it was adorable!
And I had to take a picture of it before I took the outside bag of because it was just that cute lol (don't judge me)

After I took the outside bag of I got hit in the face with waxy goodness! After I unpacked it all I couldn't believe how much was actually in there!
Not only did it have a BUNCH of wax it also had candy and a cute little stuffed animal that my sick 2 year old (poor baby just can't catch a break from all these evil germs) freaked out over. As soon as he seen in he stole it and went and cuddled it and feel asleep...

 I've had this for a few days now and he still loves it and refers to it as "his baby" <3
Now onto my all my goodies...

Mini mustache load in strawberry.coconut, blueberry,doughnuts,cookies and cream and sugar (wow what a mouthful lol) This smells like a fruit cake ( or I should say what I think a fruit cake would smell like) with a dollop of whip cream on top. It's sweet cakes and creamy. It also looks awesome all covered in mustaches lol
Mini loaf in Blended fruits,cookies,sweet candy,sugar,chocolate and Cream-This one smells kinda similar to the other loaf but without being as bakeryish. Its a sugart fruit party with tiny hints of chocolate. I melted some of this already and I loved it... The cookie scent comes out more on warm than it did on cold sniff.

Waffle w/butter tart in Blended fruits, butter and cookies- This is what I have melting right now and it smells delicious . Even though its a bakery scent the fruit and butter mixed with the cookies makes it smells sooo good. It isn't super strong but its been going in my glade warmer for about 8 hours now and I can still smell it.

Waffle w/butter tart in baked apple, banana, raspberry and chocolate-This one is adorable (picture below) to me it smells like a bag of tootsie pops. You get the chocolate type smell with hints of fruit and sweetness. Not the biggest fan of this one but it (along with the few others I didn't like) will find a new home with my awesome mama.

Cookie tart in Peach- This is a light not super sweet peach. I tend to not care much for peach (unless blended) because it tends to be super strong and fake smelling but this one smells AMAZING!

Chunky tart in blueberry , apple, banana, sugar cake- What do ya know another bakery scent I actually like! This is so so yummy it almost smells like this glazed apple banana bread I made with just a tiny hint of blueberry. I have a feeling that once I melt this I will have to make some of that bread lol.

Tweety tart in frosted vanilla grahams - First sniff of this I got an instant headache it is so strong I could't even smell it again to try and see what it smelled like because I was to scared lol ...Sorry :(

Flower tart in honeysuckle- This smells awesome. It's a light sweet floral...and I LOVE sweet florals!

Doughnut tart in butterscotch bread pudding- This is another that I personally don't care for. It is so much of a bakery scent for me but I got a small hint of the butterscotch.

Scent shot in sweet orange & chili pepper- This is one of the most interesting scents I have ever smelled. At first you smell the awesome orange scent but then you get the under tones of pepper. For some reason this scent really made me wants to eat Chinese food lol. I can't wait to see how this one smells on warm but I won't melt it until my Mama gets a chance to smell it because I think she will LOVE it.

Scent shot in fruitylicious- The name fits it perfectly . This is an awesome fruity blend if you like fruity scent you'd love this one!

Shot in vanilla bean- This isn't your typical super sweet vanilla scent.It almost has a clean type smell to it but its vanilla at the same time. I can't really explain it but it smells wonderful. If you aren't typically a fan of vanilla scents I think you would still enjoy this one.

Shot in Jamaica me crazy- This is my first time ever smelling this scent ( It seems to be pretty popular) and it is the bomb lol. It almost citric but it's also tropical. Super fruity and perfect!

2 mini shots in grape gumdrop- I have had this from her before and I LOVE it so I was sooo happy to see this in this basket! It smells like grape soda with a twist and it throws like crazy. I melted 1oz and I could smell it for 2 days ( 8 hours the first day and 6 the next). Whenever I order from her this would be on my MUST have list!

Mini shot in Graham crackers- This is spot on it smells just like graham crackers. I was scared of this one after I didn't like the frosted vanilla graham but I was very pleasantly surprised. Even my husband liked this one and that's surprising for him because he tends to only like clean smells.

Sugar scrub shot in Blackberry Jam- This smells yummy almost exactly like the blackberry jam a lady I know makes. I've had her sugar scrub before and its awesome you can feel all the oils in it which is always good,

Bath Salt  shot in eucalyptus- This smell reminds me of medicine and I was like hmmm I'll never use this but then someone had told me eucalyptus is good for a cough and my kids are both really sick so I figured it was worth a shot. I put half of this in their warm bath and all the while they were in there they hardly coughed. I could feel the vapors just being in the bathroom with them (reminds me of vicks kinda) I have to get me some more of this just to keep around from times like this!

This has to be one of the best things I have ever won and I can't wait to melt though the rest of this stuff!!!
You can find her facebook page here as well as her website here and as always if you decide to fan her page or place and order make sure to let her know Binky sent you.

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