Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Starlit Review.

I got an awesome package in the mail today from starlit candles. This is the second time I have had from this vendor and she doesn't disappoint! Today I got Lemon Marshmallow, Louisiana Dream , Butt Naked, Chocolate Cream Cupcake, Birthday Cake, Opulent Egyptian Amber, Carnivale, Beautiful,Sex on the beach, Pink Sugar and Moonlit Path. I have never had the Butt Naked scent from anyone yet so I was super excited to smell it and it smalls yummy like bananas and melon. I used to not much care for lemon scents but both the lemon marshmallow and the beautiful (Which is a citrus type mix but as of now all i smell is lemon because it needs to cure) smell very good. I would definitely get the lemon marshmallow combo again I am surprised at how much I like it! The Egyptian Amber is another MUST have...If you like a earthy musky type scent. This would be a good scent for "sexy time" LOL ;). Now I am not a fan of the bakery (i am starting to branch out) type scents so I didn't care for the chocolate cream cupcake so it found a home with my brother. As far as the Louisiana Dream I can't remember what the scent combo was but even though it has a bakery scent it still smells pretty good but I can definitely smell a coffee and nutty scent. I cannot wait to order more from this company!!!

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